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Watching rally safely

The picture illustrates dangerous viewing areas in red with special experiments.
Please make sure you, your loved ones and other viewers are in a safe place to watch.

Dont go to red zones!

1. Plan in advance the places you want to go to see.
2. Go to the scene preferably earlier than late.
3. When parking on roadsides, and especially on roadsides, be aware that these roads are
rally route rescue routes. Only park on the other side of the road.
4. Avoid moving on special stages during the race. Then you will not disturb your competitors and you will not pose a danger to yourself.
5. Take care of your own safety and that of your loved ones during the rally. Moving with children must be especially careful.
6. Find a safe viewing location. Outer curves, inner curve extensions, jump descents, paint
as well as areas of departure are dangerous.
7. Do not touch the signs set by the organizer for the competition, nor do you stand in front of them.
8. Buildings by residents along the route shall not be used as viewing areas. Ask permission if you plan to
park in the yards.
9. Remember that you are guests of landowners. Don’t waste nature!
10. Leave alcohol at home, a true rally fan will uncork at home!
11. When moving on transitional sections, remember the traffic rules.
12. Please note that making a fire ALWAYS requires the permission of the landowner.

Pleasant and safe rally for everyone!